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Water Features

At Specialist Garden Co. our astounding bespoke water features are always individual and unique.  

Whether your taste is classical – an antique limestone trough, garden water fountain, or a modern water basin with foaming jets our expertise is unrivalled. 

If you have a favourite material, a desired shape, Specialist Garden Co. will create a personal, bespoke water feature for you. 

Our designers will ensure  the execution will be faultless, creating a stunning piece of art designed to bring life to any area of your garden. 

All bespoke water features can have a double life – a gentle trickle to a true torrent enlivening any environment. 

Quality lighting is part of every project, a stunning ability to transform into an astonishing night time display, even in the smallest of Gardens. Every bespoke water feature has a hidden management system to ensure perfect functioning, clean & healthy water. 

Specialist Garden Co. creating a new generation of garden water fountains. 



Garden Ponds

At Specialist Garden Co. we create the very best of garden ponds. Clear water, shimmering fountains, cascading waterfalls, whatever you desire we can create.  

Combining the very best in natural materials to create an oasis of calm in your garden.  If your primary desire is a natural, wildlife-rich sanctuary, look no further for your garden pond than our portfolio to start your search. 

Garden ponds stand alone as a centre point; these can be crafted from traditional materials: classic brick stock and cut stone, no one can match the understanding of natural beauty and technological innovation. 

Modern garden ponds are only set by the limit of your imagination, natural steel or polished stainless, ceramics or mosaics, Perspex or wood – the combinations are endless, creating a feature of such stunning originality that it will be the focal point of any garden. 

From the very outset, we will guide you in the layout and theme of your garden pond.  Sympathy for the surroundings will ensure that whatever you choose will blend in your garden. There is no substitute for experience. 

Your garden pond from SGC will have the longevity you would expect from the foremost designers in this field, minimal maintenance and crystal clear water being normal. 


Koi Ponds

From the birth of any new project we have the gift to seamlessly integrate a new Koi pond into your existing garden assuring the minimum of disruption.  

At SGC love authentic oriental calm, a true oasis of contemplation, a reflective sanctuary for you relaxation. 

You may desire a stunning centrepiece, modern in concept, executed in materials such as white granite and glass or stainless steel and hardwood. 

If you own a period property we use complimentary materials, such as hand made brick & Portland stone, harmonising a koi pond into its natural surroundings. 

In partnership with the best manufacturers around the world, We provide bespoke support systems for your Koi Pond.  Advanced filtration, UV Sterilisers and Clarifiers, Ozone and Protein Fractionators to give perfect water quality, shimmering with unprecedented clarity. 

Our Koi Ponds are the most beautifully designed and  perfectly executed features you will ever see.  Complete with the most sophisticated management systems, lighting and landscaping, they are unrivalled. Due to the value the these exceptional fish, there can be no compromise


Ornamental Lakes

Throughout history, man has imitated creation creating ornamental lakes.  Through the great canals of Moorish architecture to the naturalised lakes of Lancelot (“capability”) Brown, nothing forms the spine of any landscape like a garden lake.  

Beautiful garden lakes can be formed in any landscape, any shape or depth. Flat, lifeless gardens turned into a shimmering mirror, reflecting the changing moods of the sky and surrounding scenery. 

At SGC unique ability enables water in any lake construction to be completely clear, and free of the previous constraints and problems.  The thrill of these incredible panoramas is never dulled. 

Each lake construction is fitted seamlessly into the existing or new garden, a complete scene with naturalised tree planting, aquatic plants and beaches. 

There is no better place for entertaining than by water.  We install jetties and floating pontoons, garden lake fountains and lighting.  Nothing compares to flaming torches reflected in the water at night with low key lighting marking pathways and hazards for your safety.