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Water Maintenance, Service & Repair

Gin clear water and your beautiful fish perfectly visible.  We are specialists in the maintenance & Repair of every kind of pond.   

We started as a maintenance company, servicing & maintaining, with the focus on the wellbeing of fish -and your convenience. 

We have portable holding facilities to house your fish - 10 gallons to 4500 gallons. Together with all the support equipment required to ensure the fish are not at risk at any time.  We regularly drain neglected ponds, clean and re-commission systems.  We understand that once we have finished, it is only the starting point for your pond. Our clients know they can always reach us should they have any concern. 

Algal growth is not an evil to be endured.  Provided our recommendations are carried out we are certain that you will have no weed.  If we maintain you pond, it is guaranteed. 

Whatever the repair or upgrade we are specialists.  Whether the filters are traditional, bead, Nexus, trickle or pressurised we understand them. If your pond is leaking, we can affect repairs to liner, GRP (“fibreglass”) and most concrete structures.   

Failed pump ? we loan pumps until your replacement arrives. We carry air systems for critical situations. 

Whether an annual visit or a weekly attendance SGC will ensure that your water is clear, you pond runs perfectly and your fish are healthy.  

Specialists in the maintenance of water features, we ensure that your feature always looks stunning, the cascading water clean, clear and attractive.  

we have perfected our system of maintenance over 6 years of experience.  Whether you have a traditional fountain, contemporary water feature or a public attraction we will keep it looking it’s best at all times.  

For private gardens, it’s unlikely that you will have to do anything outside of our visits. It the feature is a classical piece, like a lead trough with a spout, we ensure that the feature retains it’s weathering while the water is clean and clear.  

If the feature is contemporary, the surfaces like glass, stainless steel or granite, will be kept pristine, free from algae or scale.  Our attention to detail is unmatched.  

Public features require sanitisation of the water to prevent bacterial risk.  We are familiar with these and can assist in a maintenance plan.  Whether the sanitization is from manual dosing or Autodos systems we can install, maintain, repair and calibrate. If you have inherited a feature which requires overhaul or is poorly designed we can assist with improvements and troubleshooting.  

No matter how well a feature is designed or built, repair work will be required at times.  We carry large stocks of replacement parts, and can often carry out temporary repairs to solve an immediate problem. We are specialists in GRP lining, pressure pipe work and filtration.   What ever your requirement, please call us and we will find a solution for your need.