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Terracing & Walling

We love any site which has a slope, far from presenting a “problem” it creates a whole new dimension of possibilities. The designers of the great country house gardens knew how to use the varying planes to create excitement and play with perspective.  

No different today, even in smaller gardens, we imperceptibly use terracing and walling to change levels blending contours and slopes to create garden rooms which are practical as well as beautiful. 

Many construction methods are used dependent on the finish required.  Traditional brick terracing and walling lend themselves to be accessorised with lighting and water features.  Wire cages filled with stone (known as gabions) present an industrial feel of unprecedented strength, and when lit bring a new dimension to any garden.

Wood sleepers are often the material of choice as they mellow with age and present a particularly flexible structure – especially useful where the ground consistently moves with moisture. 

Every option can be planted vertically, or internally for a “living wall” effect, integrated irrigation systems ensuring success. 

While the practicality of building these gardens can be more complex we have the professional engineers to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the garden of your dreams becomes reality. 

You can be sure that every detail of the terracing and walling in your sloping garden will be taken care of, planned meticulously and executed with style.