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Irrigation Systems

The great civilisations of history know the importance of irrigation. From the Egyptian communities of the Nile, Babylon and Rome they all built cisterns, reservoirs and canals to bring life giving water to their communities.  

Professional gardeners know that without the right amount of water, timely placed, plants do not thrive.  It is always clear which gardens are irrigated: their beds look alive, their plants flower for longer and there are no visible gaps. 

SGC work in partnership with Rainbird, the world leader in irrigation. With our knowledge of gardening and landscaping, it’s an unbeatable combination. 

SGC can install smaller systems to take care of baskets and pots, scalable systems that expand as your garden does or full specification systems to automate every area of garden watering.  Even your bird feeder or Animal water bowl can be set to re-fill ! 

Our passion for conservation understands that we are a steward of our resources. We use the most water efficient systems, eliminating waste and ensuring that the cost is at a minimum.  We maintain the systems to ensure optimal performance, the controllers simple to operate.