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At SGC we think wood decking is the ultimate covering for any area, it has none of the disadvantages of stone patios and can be easily used in difficult plots.  

Oak is a light colour which will fade to a beautiful aged silver or if oiled stay true to it’s original colour. 

Balau, IPE and Massaranduba are all darker woods, superb in quality.  These look incredible with their warm rich colours – we are one of the few companies company work with these woods. 

Cedar is a softwood we love for it’s a warmth and aroma. Ideal for cladding and low traffic areas.  Imagine a summers evening, relaxing in a fragrant garden… 

Wooden Decking around pools creates an informal style, understated and luxurious, imitating a far away destination. We use Fibre Optic lighting to illuminate subtly in a way that no other light source can; highlighting edges and features, safely. 

At Specialist Garden Co. we design decking in innovative ways. 

Expert machining techniques mean exclusive designs. Especially suited to areas difficult to access. 

Whether accenting small areas with a practical floor, or creating a luxurious yacht-like deck soft and warm to the touch; quality and unassuming style speak volumes. 

With such timeless quality, you will be confident of the installation, our warranty and service better than any other in our field. 

Decking in construction 



Quality fencing has an endless number of permutations. In some gardens it is a stage for the lawns and planting, giving structure and depth, in others it is purely to be hidden and provide a stanchion for growing plants.   

Trellis, a historical favourite, brings the possibility of climbers, roses and jasmines; passion flower and clematis to areas of the garden which need height and interest.  The hundreds of possible combinations provide endless choice of style.  

Stainless wire guides and exotic hardwood supports provide attractive, hardwearing and contemporary finish ideal for modern properties or as an divergence to avoid a period pastiche.  

Whether the fencing panels are solid or trellis, we select with care and install to the highest standards.  The change in our environment creates new challenges with weather, wind and rain – never before has so much support been required to ensure a long attractive life.  

Exceptional projects require an individual approach. Whether trellised walkways or pergolas we ensure the attention to detail is unprecedented and unmatched.  

We take security seriously, but discreetly.  All projects can be fitted with anti-vandal fixtures, and crime prevention devices.  Peace of mind, without the look of fortification.  

At all times, you can be sure that you will be confident in the knowledge of a beautiful but secure fencing installation.