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Commercial Features and Fountains

No other company has such a diverse and unique approach to self contained water features. Specialist Garden Co. work with water continually, we understand it. We create matchless commercial water features that work in practice.  

Liberated from the constraints of the fountain industry enables us to fashion truly bespoke, unusual, displays.  We use materials not normally associated with water such as: 

·         Perspex  

·         Rubber  

·         Nylon  

·         Hardwood  

Radical, eye catching and exclusive: there is no other company who can raise the standard in the creation of water features. 

At Specialist Garden Co. we understand that once built, your water feature needs to work continually, and be easily maintainable.  

We provide maintenance programmes for all types of self contained water features, existing or new. 

We can provide a comprehensive maintenance service or support and train your personnel. Regardless of your choice, you can be confident of painless operation and continuous satisfaction. 

We provide a consultancy for existing commercial water features.  Whether repair, enhancement or maintenance you need look no further. 

Whatever your requirement for your commercial water feature, please contact us to discuss the project details.